My Pregnancy

A picture of me during one of my hospitalizations for high blood pressure (preeclampsia).

From the time we got the news that something was wrong with one of the babies, I am ashamed to say, I lost my faith in my daughters survival.  My family and friends had more faith than me.  Looking back it pains me to see that.  I know now my children are both meant to be here and I am certain they both have a huge purpose in this life.

At every doctors appointment I expected one of the babies not to have a heart beat because I was told every appointment that that is what is to be expected.  I was also told I would probably not even know that it happened because it “shouldn’t” effect the other baby.  At first every appointment with the specialists (which were every two weeks) her hydrops (fluid) around her heart was extensive and that was the main concern.  This very serious health issue continued for months until the last appointment when I was leaving North Carolina back to Houston when a little bit of hope for baby girl was mentioned.  I think that great news should have made me really excited, but instead it scared me.

It was difficult to find a doctor in Houston who would take a high risk pregnant woman, 7 months pregnant, with multiples and one child who had a medical issue.  Thank God for my mother in law because she found us one of the best high risk doctors in Houston.  The day after I landed in Houston was my first appointment with her and at that point I was told I had preeclampsia and I would have to be on bed rest from then on.  My preeclampsia was so bad I could only get up to use the restroom and shower.  If I sat up my blood pressure would spike to dangerous levels for me and the babies.  Not to mention my feet would puff up to the size of watermelons.  Unfortunately, once again I was back to being told the same thing as before, that baby girl wasn’t going to survive.

I tried to prepare myself as much as I could for worst case scenarios all day as I was made to lay in a bed for two long months.  You would think having people serve you all day would be awesome but don’t be fooled it gets old really fast.  So after 3 hospitalizations, and weekly appointments the time was coming that I would soon meet my babies.



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